Respect the Hustle: Tea lady who invests in land #IamAReason

July 21, 2015

, She is always blissful, energetic and passionate about what she does; serving tea in the office, a job she has done for the last 20 years not only in Capital FM but in several organizations.


However, Esther Koilel has over the years used the people she serves as her main customers, who have now made her achieve her dreams of not only educating her children, but owning properties.

Everytime one gets to the office, there is eggs, bread, porridge, name them, all ready before she serves you tea.

Esther does not only create relationships but keeps them. This is one art she has learned over the years which has made maintain her customers.

In our second episode of Respect The Hustle, She tells us her success in being employed as well as deriving joy in her entrepreneurship spirit.

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