Hollande calls for ‘immediate agreement’ on Greece

July 1, 2015
French president Francois Hollande/AFP
French president Francois Hollande/AFP

, LYON, July 1- French President Francois Hollande expressed his frustration with the slow progress on Greece’s debt crisis, saying an agreement was needed “immediately”.

“Let’s be clear, the agreement must come immediately,” said Hollande, arriving in the southern city of Lyon for a climate change conference.

“It’s been a while that we’ve been talking about this agreement — it must happen now.”

His comments contrasted with those of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who said earlier Wednesday any new aid deal for Greece could only be negotiated after Greece held a referendum at the weekend on whether to accept the bailout terms.

“Our responsibility is to ensure that Greece stays in the eurozone,” said Hollande.

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