Events in China to promote Kenya as top tourist destination

Wangfujing Street handles over one million people per day and is a strategic location for publicity events such as this one.

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 14 – A series of events are being held in Beijing, China between July 10 and 17 to promote Kenya as a top safari destination in Africa.

The events will take place in Wangfujing Street, the busiest shopping and commercial area in the heart of the Chinese capital.

Wangfujing Street handles over one million people per day and is a strategic location for publicity events such as this one.

The host is Loving Africa International in collaboration with UNEP, China Southern Airlines, China Africa Friendship Association and Kenya China Travel & Tours.

The events focus on renowned Kenya safari as well as enhancing Green Travel concept promoted by UNEP in Nairobi, and have also won support and praise from the Ministry of East African Affairs, Commerce and Tourism.

The events seek to double the number of Chinese tourists to Kenya through joint efforts by showcasing the famous wildlife migration among other Kenyan tourist attractions.

It will highlight attractive Kenya safari pictures and images rotating through huge LED screen high above the busiest shopping mall of Wangfujing Street, and offer professional information and services provided by the expert team of Loving Africa International.

Zhang Yuanxiang, CEO of Loving Africa International, said “the best season to visit Kenya is now, via Loving Africa International, the gateway of exploring wildness in Africa. The passion and commitment shared by Kenyans and their Chinese counterparts to cherish nature and protect wildlife will bring more sustainability.”

There will be colourful activities like raffles sponsored by CSA, Kenya products exhibitions, photography shows by UN Climate Hero Luo Hong, on spot Kenya Travel consultants on Migration and different type of safaris, African Dance and music shows presented by Kenya artists etc.

This grand event will last for one week and is aimed at boosting Chinese tourists’ interests in visiting Kenya during this peak season and oncoming years.

Tourism is one of Kenya’s main sources of income, contributing more than 10percent to the country’s GDP each year. Over the last few years, Chinese tourists have increased rapidly.

Statistics from the Kenya Tourism Board show that Kenya received around 41,000 tourists from China in 2012, a 10pc increase from the year before. Most of these Chinese tourists visited the main attraction sites like the Masai Mara, Amboseli and Lake Nakuru.

China is the second largest tourist source for Kenya in Asia, after India. Kenya regards China as a pillar and emerging tourism market. Kenyan tourism marketers said they expect this to grow to surpass 100,000 by 2016.