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For a long time, many people have brushed aside the need for health insurance and opted to “deal with things” as they come. The uptake of health insurance in Kenya remains low mainly because people who should have health covers are not keen on buying health insurance. Harambees to raise funds for medical emergency are still the norm. While giving is a good thing, we should leave it for real emergencies. Everyone gets sick at some point and so it is possible to plan for it. We can wipe out the medical emergencies culture if everyone has some type of medical insurance cover. Here are five reasons why you need to think about a medical insurance cover for yourself and your loved ones.

1. Your health is Irreplaceable


If you lost your car, you can always buy another one, a newer one, a bigger one, or a better one. If you lost your job, same story, you can replace it. When it comes to your health, things are not that simple. You can’t just go somewhere and swap your health for a better one. You have only one health, and you must take good care of it if it is to serve you well during the long life that we wish you.

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2. It is better to have a cover and not need it

Some people argue that health insurance is an unnecessary and expensive expense. Well, it is possible that you will not need to see doctor for the entire period of your cover. The health insurance companies actually bank on the fact that only some of the people it has insured will actually need their services. However, you cannot tell with certainty that you will not fall sick in the next one year. To this extent, you would rather have health insurance and not use it rather than not have it and need it.

3. Health Insurance is Affordable

If you have had an ear out on matters of health insurance, you may have come across the affordable insurance product from Britam dubbed “Linda Jamii”. As of early 2015, Linda Jamii was one of the most cost effective insurance products in the Kenyan market and remains within reach of a large portion of Kenyans. Though the cover is only available to groups of 10 or more people, this is a signal that the medical insurance companies are looking for ways to make health insurance affordable. Our point here is that it is possible to get a wide range of policies that can meet your needs, and fit within your budget.

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4. It’s Quite easy to get quotes!

The fourth reason why you need to get medical insurance in Kenya is that the process has now been made very easy through our online insurance quote form. Just fill the form and get a list of free quotes from insurance companies in Kenya. Choose the one that meets your needs and then submit your choice. The company will then get back to you. It’s that easy. Try the form now and get on your way to getting health insurance for yourself and your loved ones.


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