‘Seinfeld’ streams online after 17 year wait

June 24, 2015

, Seinfeld

The popular American television series “Seinfeld” began streaming online Wednesday, after a 17 year wait.

The comedy became available on Hulu in its first such offering since the show ended in 1998.

Starring US comedian Jerry Seinfeld, the semi-autobiographical show follows Seinfeld and a group of friends, George, Elaine and the eccentric Kramer, as everyday problems are put under comedic scrutiny by the bunch.

“Seinfeld,” with its 90’s aesthetic and distinctive bass-rich theme song, is still played as reruns on many television stations.

Long coveted for online showing, CNN reported the show’s nine seasons were purchased by Hulu for around $150 million after wrangling among bidders.

Some shows are free on Hulu, but a monthly subscription is required to watch “Seinfeld.”

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