First Sh10mn Zindua Chapaa winner rewarded

May 26, 2015

, ZINDUA-CHAPAANAIROBI, Kenya, 26 May 2015 – A 26 year-old woman from Baringo County has been unveiled as Zindua Chapaa’s first winner of Sh10 million.

Veronica Jepkorir Sumukwo who is a shop keeper, said the money will change her life.

“I kept on participating in the game hoping that I would win. I truly have seen the hand of God,” she said joyfully.

Zindua Chapaa, an interactive game show has been awarding winners of various categories in the last few months. Already, 36 people have been awarded Sh100,000 each and four people have won Sh1 million each.

Other winners in the Sh10mn category will be announced from next month.

Asked on what she was planning to do with the money, Jepkorir said that she had not yet planned as the award came as a surprise but it would be something to benefit her and her young family.

Once a person wins the prize money, they are not eligible of winning the same amount again. However, they can still continue participating as they are eligible of winning other amounts of money.

The interactive SMS-based game which airs on local television channels costs Sh19 per SMS across all networks. The questions are divided into three sections from which participants choose from. These include the easy category, the intermediate category and the difficult category.

Speaking during the award ceremony, Infiniti Capital Limited Project Manager Nate Kariuki said that the company was awarding participants from across the country.

“We encourage people to participate. Anyone in Kenya can become a winner,” Kariuki said.

Also awarded at the ceremony was Police Superintendent Kiprono Langat from Kiambu who was a Sh100,000 winner.

On his part, the superintendent said that he would use the money to complete construction of a house.

“This was not my first time to participate in this game. I had tried before but did not win. I am glad I did not give up,” he explained.


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