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Property Insights

Cozying Up Your House #PropertyInsights

The rainy season is with us again and while it might be cold, dark and wet outside, but your home needn’t be the same. We wrap ourselves in trench coats and warm boots and all sorts of layered clothing. After a hard day’s work at the office, you need to come home to a place that’s warm and inviting. With a few simple tricks, you can transform your house into a place of delicious coziness.


Bring out the extra throws and pillows.

Have plenty of throws and warm blankets in the living room or on the sofa, so that when you sit down to relax or on the floor to take a breather, you have something to wrap yourself up in. The extra pillows will really go a long way into taking comfort to the next level. And besides, the texture that the pillows will add, will give an overall facelift to the room, making it appear nice and cozy.

Where are the blankets?

Soft plush textiles are important when it comes to cold weather. In the bedroom, bring out your warm – weather heavier fabrics like wool duvets and cotton sheets that will keep you warm and toasty as you sleep off a hard day’s work.

Floor rugs and mats.

There is nothing as relaxing as sinking your feet into a nice soft rug when your feet hit the floor. Put on the floor as many rugs as you can so that every inch of the floor is covered. This will insulate your feet against the cold and give the room a general feeling of warmth. If you are not into rugs, invest in a pair of warm moccasin slippers that your feet will thank you for.

Let’s play.

Keep on hand games that the family can play; this will not only create a warm feeling but will also give the family a sense of comfort and togetherness that will encourage family closeness.

Cook and bake.

Cooking and baking will add extra aromas to the house and create that feeling of warmth that will make the house feel ten times warmer. Filling your stomach is one sure way to keep your body warm and toasty. A good cup of tea will also serve well to keep the cold at bay.

Let there be fire

If you have an outdoor fireplace, then it might be that time to light it up. There is nothing as cozy as the warmth of a fire.

Also, spending more time indoors means that you will be prone to dust bunnies and dust mites and all sorts of indoor allergens. Make sure you clean all surfaces and wash your sheets in warm water at least once a week. Lastly, ensure your roof or walls are not leaking and letting the rain water in, fix what needs to be fixed. It is not enough to stay warm, you have to stay dry too.

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