Bidco Africa lowers consumer prices

March 3, 2015

, BIDCO-PRODUCTSTHIKA, Kenya, Mar 3 – Bidco Africa Limited has lowered the prices of its every day consumer products effective from the March 1, 2015.

The change affects the recommended retail prices of popular units in the Bidco basket including Golden Fry, Kimbo and Chipsy brands in the oils and fats category; and Msafi, Kuku and Bull brand laundry bars soaps.

“There has been an obvious reduction in the cost of energy and fuels in the past few weeks and we are very positive that this will persist going forward. We are ensuring that these reductions are directly reflected in the price reductions and passed on to our consumers across Kenya,” Bidco CEO Vimal Shah explained.

“We want our consumers to enjoy the benefits of these reductions enhancing their Happy Healthy Living! As businesses, we welcome the efforts being made by the Kenyan Leadership in Government who have focused on lowering the costs of doing business and costs of living and anticipate that this year inflation will be very well controlled as it is beneficial for all including the Country and the Consumers.”

He added: “The President and consumers have been asking manufacturers to respond positively to the new energy and fuel situation in the country and we are pleased to do so.”

Bidco has been reducing its prices since last year for different products in the Bidco basket and therefore currently there is a reduction in a range up to 18pc across multiple brands and SKU’s when compared to previous 2014 prices.

An example of some of these latest reductions will now result in the following: a1Kg pack of Kimbo/Chipsy/Cowboy will now retail for Sh203 (which is Sh11 less).

A two litre pack of Golden Fry will retail for Sh352 (which is Sh20 less) and the 3 litre pack for Sh504 (which is Sh28 less).

A 2 litre pack of Ufuta/Bahari vegetable oil will retail for Sh329 (which is Sh19 less.). While Tiger white 600gms soap bar will retail for Sh57 (which is Sh6 less).

“We anticipate many more manufacturers will follow Bidco’s lead, as it’s the reality of the times,” the firm said.


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