Fake Kiambu planners put on notice

February 9, 2015

, WILLIAM-KABOGOKIAMBU, Feb 9 Following the recent rising cases of collapsed buildings, Kiambu county government has sounded an alarm over fake planners masquerading as county government employees.
At the same time, the County Planning department has urged county residents to look out for certificates of occupancy when renting houses, as this shows the buildings have complied with the construction rules and have been approved by the county government.
The county government is also set announce its spatial planning that is the statutory underpinning that will strengthen the capacity for effective coordination of all developments on the county land space, while promoting investments by the private sector.
According to the Planning Chief Officer David Gatimu, the County has put measures in place to ensure monitoring and recording of the upcoming developments at every stage to ensure compliance to approval conditions.
“The department has harmonized charges across the county and refined methods of monitoring by opening registers that will help monitor all stages of approval,” said Gatimu.
He noted that the department had automated the entire development control process that will be included in the newly launched Huduma program.
“The E-payment system will be integrated with the national government records to eliminate incidences of fraud especially when it comes to land matters,” he added.
On land sub-divisions, the Chief Officer noted that due to the rapid growth of population, the vice was posing a threat to the agricultural land and added that the county government was zoning areas of human settlement from agricultural land to ensure food security.
“Land buying companies should take note that the county shall not approve any sub-divisions of land using share certificates in place of title deeds, unless the said land is undergoing the survey processes preparing to acquire the title deeds, he warned.
He said that the county had formed a 15 member technical planning committee that handles the zoning and approval procedures.


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