4 business opportunities provided by digital migration

February 25, 2015


Digital migration has been the talk of the country since the four television stations Citizen, NTV, QTV and KTN remain off air, after their analogue transmitters were switched off.

But even with the digital row, what does digital migration mean to an entrepreneur?

In an Interview with Capital FM Business, The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) Director General Francis Wangusi outlines four opportunities entrepreneurs can tap into.

1. Content Creation

Entrepreneurs in the creative industry can now create their content and sell to distributors; distributors are hungry for content as they seek to remain relevant.

CA has issued 44 new Television licenses in the last half of 2014 and all these stations will require content.

If you have great content ideas this is your time to shine.

2. Set Top Boxes Distributors

CA has so far licensed about 60 Set Top Boxes dealers and there are more opportunities as the country rushes to beat the June 2015 global deadline for switching to digital television.

There is demand for people in up country who need these set-top boxes by June.

You can be an agent or a distribution partner with other companies to distribute the set top boxes in your county or region.

3. Television Channel

It will now be easy for people to own television channels as the spectrum is wide. The CA is issuing a TV license for Sh200,000 and Sh100,000 for radio. Anyone can now own a television station and take advantage of advertisements.

There are two channel distributors in the country. Signet, a subsidiary of the public broadcaster Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), and Pan Africa Network Group.

You will need to have creative content that will drive a large audience and a good marketing strategy.

4. Advertising Switch

We are going to see diversification of the advertising industry. Companies that don’t have the big ad budgets will find agencies and stations willing to accommodate them as TV stations move towards niche markets. We have seen the government keen on advertising online. This trend will continue as video on demand becomes widely acceptable.

Entrepreneurs need to be creative to find out what other channels and ways of how advertisers will reach their target market.


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