#TheScoop: Making money is a by-product of business – Sunny Bindra

January 15, 2015

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Management consultant, author and columnist Sunny Bindra is well known for thought leadership in Kenya and in the region. In this rare interview, Bindra discusses the need for businesses to have a greater calling than just to make money for the directors.

“Running a business is a big deal. It is not about enriching a few people. It should do that as by-product…but also do something useful for the world,” Bindra tells Salim Amin.

In this interview, Bindra talks about how the youth in Africa will be the beneficiaries of a reformed Africa as the continent continues to gradually change.

“It’s going to take time. There are no overnight changes…it took the West decades to be where there are,” says Bindra.

Bindra confesses that he is a “pure introvert”, and acknowledges social media is a great medium for introverts like him.

“I have met one or two characters who are very vocal on social media but if you meet them in real life, they are very timid,” admits Bindra.

Bindra gives us a glimpse of his life and his mind. Check out the interview below for more…


Sunny’s primary work has been as a management consultant and board advisor.

He has two degrees in Economics from the London School of Economics, and specializes in business strategy and corporate governance.

Sunny works with chief executives and board directors in a select group of Kenya’s top companies, helping them to develop strategic thinking and implement programs aimed at organizational improvement.

Sunny is an Executive Fellow at the Strathmore Business School. He leads flagship corporate strategy and corporate governance programs. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Business School.

In addition, he runs ‘Fast Forward’, his own leadership development program with a strong following amongst Kenya’s elite business leaders.

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