LIVE: World Economic Forum

January 22, 2015


The New Digital Context
How are regulatory, behavioural and technological changes transforming the digital landscape?

Shaping Davos: Engaging Youth in Work
What new thinking and approaches are closing the youth employment gap?

Connecting live with the following cities:
– Chandigarh on making the nation’s youth more employable
– Abuja on reshaping the education system using technology
– Orlando on making human capital competitive globally
– Jeddah on retaining human capital by providing opportunities

This session was developed with the Global Shapers Community focusing on global issues and local solutions. It is part of a series of live events connecting to 40 cities worldwide.

Speakers: Nik Gowing, Omar K. Alghanim, Dominic Barton, Aliko Dangote
Topics: Employment, Skills And Human Capital



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