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January 15, 2015

, Most of us have made New Year resolutions to organize our houses and get rid of clutter so that we can have people over without being ashamed. While it is not an epidemic, it is true that most of us have a ‘little too much stuff’ that we could do without.Getting rid of stuff can be difficult, especially that which we have formed an attachment to and we believe we might have practical use for…someday. Someday never comes and we end up with a whole bunch of stuff we don’t need. Here is a list of things you should probably get rid of.


Outdated technology.

You probably have one or more computers, TVs, DVDs, cassette decks or other rusting electronics stashed away somewhere. What are you waiting for? Get rid of this stuff and trade it in for something new or just give it away to someone who could probably use the spare parts. You could also sell it to scrap metal dealers and make an extra coin while you are at it.

Old files.

Whether you are working from home or not, chances are that you probably have a file cabinet that is overflowing with paperwork that you may or may not even need. If you do need it, scan the documents and store them electronically and this should neaten things up a bit and get rid of the excess paper cluttering your space.

Bedding and old mattresses.

Even the mattresses of the highest quality have a life span of no more than 10 years. If yours is older, that could be the reason why you have a nagging backache every morning. If you can fold your pillow in half and it stays folded, then it is time to toss it out and get a new one. While you are at it, go through your linen closet, find old sheets and towels that are worn and torn, that don’t match your décor or that are faded and throw them out or into the recycling bin.

Medicines and Vitamins.

You would be lying if you said you don’t have a drawer or cabinet filled with old medicines, vitamins or cough syrups of that cold that was treated six months ago. If you are no longer treating the aliment that the medication was prescribed for, it is time to safely dispose of that old medication.

Make up and nail polish.

There isn’t a beauty queen out there who doesn’t have a drawer filled with nail polish or make up that is dried up or old or is just the wrong colour. If you haven’t used it in six months chances are that is you won’t use it again anytime soon so out it goes.

Coat hangers.

Metal coat hangers really have a way of multiplying really fast. Determine how many you really need to use and toss out the rest.

Anything chipped or broken..

If it leaks, or is chipped or broken why should you keep it if you won’t use it? It is probably a really good colour or it was gift to which you have attached sentimental value to, but it is time to let go and make room for prettier things you would actually use.

Books, CDs and DVDs.

If you are a culture vulture, you probably have a large collection of one or all of these. Go through your collection and get rid of anything that no longer interests you and make room for the new ones that you will probably buy. While you are at it, get rid of the stack of old magazines you haven’t touched in months.

And everything in between.

That stained t-shirt you have had since college, the extra packet of buttons that came with the sweater you long since donated, 2013 calendars, that ratty towel you have been using instead of the bathroom mat, holiday cards, that old sweater your mother knit for you that you have long outgrown, those clothes that don not fit anymore or those instruction manuals for electronics you already know how to use. Throw these things out, donate them or sell them and turn your clutter into cash.

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