Karen hospital deploys Philips digital MRI solution

November 28, 2014

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Karen Hospital has deployed the first-ever digital broadband magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) solution by Philips. The Ingenia MR promises exceptional image clarity, scanning efficiency and scalability and it’s the only one of its kind in East Africa.

“After 8 years of service delivery, the Karen Hospital has invested in the Philips Ingenia 3.0T digital MRI. This state-of-the-art MRI equipment will ensure that the Karen Hospital continues to deliver the best holistic care to its clients. There is increasing pressure to be as fully optimized as possible and in a busy hospital environment like ours, there simply isn’t much time to worry about process optimization, “said Dr. Betty Gikonyo, Chief Executive, Karen Hospital.

Clinicians have long relied on MRI for its exceptional ability to differentiate various soft tissues. The Philips Ingenia MR system introduces, for the first time in MRI, digital signal acquisition and processing directly in the RF receive coil nearest to the patient.

“The Ingenia MRI system optimizes workflow by reducing time consuming steps like coil and patient manipulation. Compounded over time, this makes a real difference in terms of efficiency, which is critical as the Karen Hospital wants to provide MRI services around the clock.”

Philips has been present in Kenya for over 60 years and maintains a position in the healthcare sector through ongoing partnerships and initiatives with local healthcare stakeholders.

“By working in close partnership with healthcare providers such as the Karen Hospital, we are able to provide world-class technology and long-term solutions that help to deliver an outstanding patient experience” said Roelof Assies, General Manager, Philips East Africa.

“MRI is continuing to expand its role with applications for every part of the body and the Ingenia system is taking the lead with smart, reliable tools for better image quality and shorter exam times, which can lead to increased diagnostic confidence and a simpler patient and clinician experience overall.”


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