Double Tick: Why you can’t ignore WhatsApp messages anymore

November 6, 2014

, whatsapp chat

Messaging service WhatsApp is making it more difficult for users to ignore messages from their contacts. In addition to the time-stamp and the standard double tick – which means the message has been successfully delivered – WhatsApp has added a blue double tick feature. The new feature shows the message has been seen and read by the recipient. You will no longer give an excuse that you didn’t see the message. The blue double checks on the senders phone will sell you out.

Updated (11/05/2014): The latest version of WhatsApp (2.11.43) now officially incorporates this feature, although it may not work on all smartphone models. In other words, a grey check means the message has been sent, two grey checks that it’s been delivered to the recipient, and two blue checks that it’s been read.

Some users interpreted the grey double tick as read and the blue ticks is meant to clear the misunderstanding and hopefully avoid unnecessary communication conflicts.


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