Sophia Bekele: From model to tech entrepreneur

October 23, 2014

, sophia bekele

Sophia Bekele is not your average entrepreneur. She started her career as a model in the US by chance but she never lost focus of where she wanted to be. Sophia is now an international entrepreneur, corporate governance & risk management specialist and an international policy advisor on ICT as well as the founder of Dot Africa, an internet company that spans across Africa.

Born and raised in Ethiopia, Sophia and her family moved to the US where she ended up pursuing computer and information systems for her undergrad. The serial entrepreneur – who is also referred to as ‘Addis Hilton’ – has worked for a number of multinational Fortune 500 companies and holds an MBA from Golden Gate University San Francisco. Her five certifications in computer systems and corporate governance makes her one of the most sort after consultants and advisors.

She considers Kenya as her second home after Ethiopia and is working on extending her influence in the ICT industry in Africa. In this extended version of The Scoop, Sophia reveals to Salim that she has been engaged three times and the secrets of being a successful entrepreneur in Africa.

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