The Nokia Lumia 630: Affordable, stable and beautiful

September 30, 2014

, lumia 630

The Lumia range is of phones is coming of age owing largely to the wide range of devices Nokia has churned over the last year. From the low-priced Lumia 510 to top of the range 1020, Lumia is offering consumers with choice as well as adding more users to the Windows Phone OS.

The Lumia 630 is an entry level phone that comes loaded with Windows Phone 8.1. Lumia is nailing it with bright multi-colored back plastic case, and the 630 is no exception, though you have a choice of black, orange or green. The rounded corners and the curved back makes the 630 appear very stable and comfortable to use without compromising on the aesthetics.

Weighing only 134g, this Lumia version fits well in the hands of the average user. All functionalities are within reach of your fingers. The volume rocker and the power button are at the top right. The 4.5 inch screen is neither too small nor too large. For the practical user, this is just the right size for every day use.

The display is crisp for a phone of this price range though other similar comparisons offer a better resolution. The 630 has a display of 854 x 480 pixels, which is slightly below most average Android affordable phones which have 800 x 480 resolution screens. However, the gorilla screen protects the screen from scratches and easy cracks.

630 lumia

Selfie addicts will be a bit disappointed because the 630 doesn’t have a front-facing camera which is an oversight on the part of Lumia because the 630 seems to target the selfie generation. The flip side is that Nokia has made good with the 5MP rare camera which works well with the two options when it comes to stock camera apps. The smart sequence pushes the 630 camera to the level of its superior Lumia sisters.

The gadget has 512 RAM and 8GB of internal storage, with an option of adding upto 128GB via microSD. You can load apps to the expandable memory thanks to the Windows phone update. The Windows store is growing with both local and international apps, so you won’t have a problem with toying with your favorite apps. The battery life is above average, thanks to WP’s efficient use of resources, and fast as a result of the 1.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragons.

At the price of Sh11,550 the Lumia 630 is a quality buy for the specs, and you are guaranteed longer use.


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