Airtel Premier Club offers priority access for clients

September 24, 2014

, AIRTEL-PREMIERNAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 24 – Since its unveiling two weeks ago, the Airtel Premier club has started offering its high-value customers a suite of elite services in Airtel shops across the country, allowing them to enjoy priority access with dedicated customer relationship executives assigned to them at the Airtel shops across the country.

Airtel Kenya recently launched a bouquet of premium services to its customers including personalised services such as credit facilities, an exclusive website, free SIM replacement, priority pass services and discount with preferred partners.

Customers travelling across Africa in the 17 Airtel Operating Countries will also be allowed to roam on one network with their local Airtel SIM cards, giving them access to cheaper rates for calls made, as well as data/value added services and the ability to recharge using local top up vouchers in the country visited.

For premier customers who use Airtel Money, the Airtel Premier VISA Card has changed how customers shop allowing them to pay for goods and services using Airtel Money at Visa accepted merchants using the card.

The card also allows customers to withdraw money from their Airtel Money accounts from Visa ATMs instead of joining a queue at the agent’s counter to withdraw their money. This will definitely make their lives easier and convenient.

Customers are now able to use their cards in places such as supermarkets, petrol stations and restaurants locally and internationally. The Airtel Premier VISA card will not only meet the ever changing needs of Airtel Money users, but also offers flexibility and convenience.

Speaking about the newly launched product, Airtel Kenya CEO Adil El Youssefi said, “We are delighted to see our customers enjoying convenient access to services in our shops as we promised. This is another of the innovations moving Airtel forward as it steps into a new level of personalized customer care. Airtel Premier Club will continue to offer top-class services and facilities to our customers and we hope they will enjoy the new club.”

With Airtel Premier Lounge in the shops across the country, the teams working there ensure that customers have the most convenience, with the ability to take care of all of their needs enabling them to conduct their business with total comfort and privacy.

The Premier Centres will continue to ensure that committed relationship managers are always available to help and assist premier customers.

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