US-Africa Summit report: Kirubi’s full speech

August 19, 2014
Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

, After I got back from attending the US-Africa Summit, I sat down to reflect on the deliberations we had and the potential partnerships that were discussed. I wrote down key points that I believe were a gateway to Kenya’s development and which the Government, Private Sector and Media needed to act on.

Kenya is our country and it is time we all played a role in production rather than in consumption. We must dictate the terms of our partnerships and let our people benefit from them. All investors coming on board must work with Kenyan owned business firms and work with the Kenyan people if at all we are going to develop this country and its people. We must consolidate and revive the different industries in this country by establishing partnerships with Government and the Private Sector. On the other hand, I believe that the media too must play a key role in this partnership in promoting Kenya as a prime destination for business in Africa. Negativity will only push us down and demote us from the investment chain.

It is my hope that we will all market our country the way we wish to see it out there. Government has created polices enabling the growth of our economy so let us support them.
May we all be positive and showcase this country as a country that is yearning for development.

Finally in all we do, let us push the agenda of creating jobs and serve our country Kenya in the best way we can.

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