Mworia: From intern to CEO of fast growing Centum

June 11, 2014

, Mworia attributes the firm’s growth in five years to proper strategies, timely decision making and proper execution and above all, embracing teamwork.

“The main strategy we chose was to focus the business at the time. So we divided the business into three areas of focus; which was private equity, real estate and marketable securities,” he says.

His word to other CEOs

“Your people are a mirror of yourself as a leader. When a CEO comes to me and says his people are not performing, I tell them, ‘you are looking at yourself.’ If your people are not performing you are not performing. Employees do what they see not what they hear. As a leader, the critical thing is, walk the talk. For me that is probably the single most important thing.

Secondly, invest in your people. Leadership is about creating an environment where people can thrive and enjoy and bring out their best. Don’t boss them around. My role is to ensure that the team I have can really shine, then I celebrate them and take a back seat. All fault I take, all credit I give.”

His advice to the young leaders.

At the age of 36, Mworia tells me, he is the oldest out of the 50 employees he works with and he has learnt to work with the young people.

“I think for the young people I would say, be unreasonable in your expectations of what you can achieve. Do not settle for less, do not settle for mediocrity, do not be happy just getting by. Go out there, dream big.

My day starts at 4am every day. I go to the gym, and then at 6:30am I am back home, have breakfast with children and spend time with them as they do their homework. Then I go to the office and start working with my team. And one of the things I have always told my team is that in everything you do, you must have a project plan that says, ‘I am moving from this point to this, at this particular date or time and with these resources’.

When I look back at my life I have no regrets. But I also don’t take this for granted. I have been a very blessed person because I have had a lot of opportunities that many have not had access to.”

His only regret would be, losing hunger for growth including those around him.

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