Popular Kenyan TV shows on Twitter

May 20, 2014

, The rise of social media has made media more interactive and has seen a convergence of media platforms. It is widely accepted that the internet will disrupt normal TV viewing and Radio engagement, but stations that have harnessed the power of social media have seamlessly integrated their programming with social media.

For some Kenya programmes (on TV and Radio), it is far more interesting to watch/listen as you scroll down the shows’ timeline or hash tag. This has revived the ratings of some shows while propelling others to ‘must watch’.

For the first time in Kenya, CapitalFM and OdipoDev breaks down weekly popular Kenya TV shows on Twitter. This is akin to Nielsen’s Twitter TV rating in the US which measures the audience interaction when the show is on air. We have partnered with a certified Twitter Data provider for quality assurance to identify the users and number of tweets.


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