Success: Time to redefine what it means? #HeshdeSilva

April 8, 2014

, HeshanDe

We all have very strong opinions on what defines success. Maybe it’s millions in the bank, glitzy cars and even planes, and people beckoning for your attention at every turn while your bodyguards keep them at bay.

You get the picture.

I want you to imagine a very different type of success. One that is far more attainable, incorporates values, and keeps your feet on the ground as you grow.

Doesn’t sound as exciting does it?

That’s the problem with today’s youth all over the world. It’s all about glamour and flashy lifestyle – while a simpler life is seen as ‘not successful’, if not completely boring.

‘Success’ can be believing in people and helping them actualize their dreams. Helping someone feed his/her family and kids go to school is success at another level.

Many of us will never experience the glitzy, flashy, ‘successful’ life as portrayed by the media. And that should be perfectly OK. We should be content with ‘silent success’ and just be happy with enjoying the results of success.

Let’s redefine our view of ‘success’ to a point which we can realistically achieve and grow from.

The achievement of one’s goals: Whatever your goals may be, achieving them makes you a success. The key to achieving them is setting baby steps that lead to those big goals and onwards. You won’t get their in one quick leap. You won’t get there in 1 month or maybe even 5 years. But you will keep moving forward and achieving the baby step goals you’ve set. It doesn’t sound glamorous, but ask anyone who’s ‘made it’ how they did it, I guarantee it includes the above. Working with what they had to get to where they wanted to be.

Attaining wealth or honors? Are you able to pay your rent every month, pay your kids school fees, own a car when you once rode the bus or footed? If you have achieved these you have already achieved wealth and can start setting your sights on bigger things while ensuring your family is well looked after. Have you been recognized by your community, county, or country for your efforts? Do people around you hold you as an example for others to learn from? If they do, you have received recognition and honor for your efforts and can start aiming higher. These are very simple steps to begin your journey to greater successes – but do not be fooled, they are not easy to achieve even in their smallest capacity – which is why they ARE successes in the journey of life.

We limit success to a national and international level when the truth is the above two points are the dictionary definitions of ‘success’.

Personally, I drive a Toyota Corolla on a daily basis. Yes, I have access to bigger cars if I need to be at an important function – but my day to day needs are met with a Toyota. Arrogance is a terrible and ugly look on anyone – I’d never want it to be associated with me because every opportunity I have had, every good thing that has happened to me – is a gift from my Creator. I have no right to be arrogant about that.

We can all start somewhere and work diligently to where we want to go – never forgetting that each of the things we accomplish are successes on the path to more. Let us stop worshipping others who have achieved, and instead LEARN what can be learned and adapt it to our benefit.

I wish you the very best in your journey.



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