Managing Your Time and Money #PersonalGrowth

April 25, 2014

, Time is the most important resource and asset we all have yet most of us waste it. No man or woman ever reaches the upper echelons of success without having an almost maniacal attitude to time. We Africans of all the people on earth need to be crazy about our attitude to time.

This attitude amongst a lot of us that Thursday is the new Friday should be outlawed. This business of people not fully engaging themselves in productive work on Friday should be made a crime punishable by jail. Africa needs to be aggressive and do business as UNusual and the best place to start is to begin taking time very seriously.

Time is money and we need to begin acting as though every second and minute we lose and waste is shillings lost.

Money is great to have. Not on or by itself but because of the choices and options it affords those who have it. ‘Love of Money’ should be a subject compulsorily taught in every African school because it is nations with a lot of money that get to control other nations and that can fully protect themselves from the groping hands of imperialist forces.

If you have children teach them through your actions and hard work in BUSINESS that after their relationship with God, the next most important thing in this life is the accumulation of large amounts of money and using it to make the world a better place.

So…having said that, let’s use our time wisely to make a lot of money. All the best!

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