Personal Growth: Your Pursuit of Happyness

March 19, 2014

, Farai Bentley

In Part 2 of the series on Personal Growth and Development we will look at the importance of setting goals that will help you achieve your vision and purpose in life, the role models and mind set you need to have in order to achieve success and finally taking action and control of what needs to be done. It is my hope that we will embark on this journey of personal growth and development together and that you will begin experiencing change in your day to day life.

You would agree that it is pretty impossible for one to hit a target that one does not have. Goals are your targets. Set goals for everything you do and work to get results. Achieving the goals themselves might not be the ultimate benefit of going after goals but what you become in the process of striving to achieve those goals. Many people quit going after big goals if they do not see immediate results and they loose because they fail to realize that the process of working towards a goal itself is a huge win because of the lessons one learns as one strives and works to achieve goals.

Role models
Your role models are people that you closely match the image – in character and achievement – of who you see yourself becoming as a result of you going after your goals. With information technology and the availability of autobiographies on and offline, its very easy for one to pick up role models. What ever you want to do, chances are somebody has done it before and you can simply follow in their footsteps.

You must renew your mind in order to achieve big goals. My struggle, your struggle should be the renewal of the mind. When you follow your role models find out the point in their life when things really changed. What you will find is that any huge change in their lives was a direct result of a change in mindset. How do you change your mindset? Simple. Set a huge goal, find role models who have achieved what you want to achieve, pump your mind daily with large doses of I-Can-Do-It talk and take ALL OUT MASSIVE ACTION. Here is a resource that has helped this week to see that I am playing around and MUST up my game. Watch “Men Who Built America” It’s a long History Channel Documentary so get a lot of popcorn, get comfortable, take notes and please go and conquer your world.

Don’t screw around. Get to work and work like a possessed horse. If you have to sleep outside somebody’s office to get them to see your proposal then by all means sleep there. Remember what Chris Gardner had to do in the movie ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’? Sometimes when it comes to all out massive action, you might have to go crazy on your goals. Be crazy. Go Crazy. Take action like action is going out of business.

Let’s Grow!!

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