Can Faith and Business co-exist? #HeshdeSilva

March 4, 2014


This question is posed to me very often. “How can someone have faith and still be in big business?”

There is a notion that to be involved in big business, faith is removed. You become the ‘god’ of your empire and do not need a daily relationship with your faith. This, unfortunately, is true with many people. They tend to become exceedingly arrogant and self absorbed because of the perceived power they hold over their people.

I used to be a person like that. Very self reliant. Everything had to revolve around me, me and most importantly me. Power tends to bring out the worst in people in our society, possibly because of what we lacked before we experienced much.

Then things started going wrong. People who owed us money would delay payment, projects wouldn’t take off as projected, people had no desire to work beyond receiving a paycheck.
I’ve found that faith and business are one. When you realize that every opportunity, every door opened, every meeting granted, is a gift from God – and not you – business becomes whole. You are now working for a purpose greater than self. You are furthering His Kingdom.

VALUES are central to this. People often marvel at the length of our contracts. They are typically 2 pages long, size 12 font. How do we manage this? The last clause speaks for itself. “Honor your God, no matter your faith, with your actions”. Lying, stealing, deceit, bad-mouthing etc have NO space in our Creator’s mandate for our lives. We make this real to all our partners and team members. We are working for more than  self. We work to honor our God with all of our actions. No matter how mundane, do it with a passion that praises your Creator for the opportunities that have been afforded to you.

TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED. The life and opportunities that come your way are gifts, not rights. When you truly realize this, life and business come alive. You will find that joy will be found even in the most basic of actions – and opportunity tends to follow an attitude like this.

HONOR YOUR WORD. Your word is your bond, and what you say is a contract between you and your Creator. No matter where you are, no matter to whom you’re speaking to – you are saying it in the presence of your God. Backstabbing and talking foul of people have an unseen witness. Never to do others what you wouldn’t want done to you.  If you say you will pay on a certain date, your word is your bond. You honor your God with your words, make sure they are true and build UP – rather than tear down.

When you are looking to grow, make sure you are furthering your Creator’s Kingdom with your work. Give back wherever and whenever you can. I’ve found that when I give, even if it hurts financially, the reward I receive was far more than holding on to that money would have given me. We are stewards of whatever we are given. That means it’s ours for a time. The choice is yours if you want to do good with that responsibility, or bad. As uncomfortable as it may be, try and pick the good. Your rewards may not be instantaneous, but they will make you whole. That I guarantee.

Go out and do good in your capacity. I wish you well.

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