Best practices learnt from farming #AskKirubi

March 13, 2014
This is the second time Kirubi will be raising his stake in Centum over the past five years/FILE
This is the second time Kirubi will be raising his stake in Centum over the past five years/FILE

, Over the last two months we have discussed quite a lot about farming and it’s only fair if I shared some of the challenges I have faced and most importantly the lessons I have learnt that make me a better farmer and businessman today.

Like any other farmer, I struggled to plant the best grade of coffee and tap into the right markets but I always made sure that I did not compromise on the quality of my produce. This is the only way you will get markets for your goods. Focus on producing quality then quantity. I did my research, learned about the diseases that affect my produce, best practices in coffee farming and sort the expertise of a few professionals here and there. I needed my coffee to work for me, and this is the mindset that you need to develop when carrying out any kind of business.

You must go all out in order to get the best results and this includes employing the best skill you need to help you manage and run your business. I employ people to manage my farm and I consult them from time to time and give them the opportunity to make decisions. Such kind of leadership helps those ‘under’ you to rise to their roles and work even harder to ensure your business runs smoothly. This is something I must say I have done in all my companies where I let my employees take charge as I observe and only get involved in substantial matters.

As the CEO of your farm or business, you have a vision and goals that are steered towards achieving that vision. You must share your vision and lead by example; it’s the only way those working for you and with you will drive your business. Have confidence in your team even when they make a mistake but also remember to share the success of the business with them.

Finally, as you delegate and share responsibility, remember that you too have an obligation for the success or failure of your business. Do not abandon that responsibility in the name of sourcing for other business opportunities.

You are the one with the dream; don’t abandon that dream. All the best!


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