There’s more to capital than cash – Mukoma

February 6, 2014

, He urges the young people to rise up and use the knowledge or skills they have to do something rather than keep looking on the negatives.

“Everybody is an entrepreneur. You can be employed but still be an entrepreneur. You will never lack something you are blessed with.”

Entrepreneurship is full of challenges that make someone feel like giving up and Mukoma knows that too well. But what are some of the memories that kept him going in the last eight years?

He keeps quiet for a moment and says,” What I will never forget is the feeling I had when we produced the ‘Kuna Dawa’ video by Esther Wahome. The song went viral. I feel like doing it once again.”

PrinceCam Media’s future is bright. He says apart from providing the usual video and photography services, the company has established PrinceCam Practical Training Centre for giving students practical camera skills in partnership with International University of Professional Studies (Former Inoorero University).

The company has also established PrinceCam Record Lebel, a studio project aims at searching and supporting young talents from various counties across the country and having their music recorded and sold out.

” My three principles that I have followed for the last eight years is passion, building people and taking business as more that just getting money,” he says with enthusiasm.

“I also dream of establishing an international film centre.”

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