Advice to Famers on Food Security #AskKirubi [Video]

February 24, 2014

, I believe it is important to consider best practices on food security when venturing into farming. It is important to use the best methods to grow the right type of crop, in the right area so as to get the best produce.

In this day and age we cannot afford to be ignorant regardless of the changing weather patterns which are as a result of Climate Change. Research is mandatory and it is important to keep feeding yourself with the right information that will assist you as a farmer.

Make use of the internet, agricultural institutions who have opened their doors to research, professionals in this area and other places where you can get information and knowledge on farming. There is only so much the Government can do but we too must help ourselves and ensure that as we produce quantity, we also produce quality.

So let’s all strive to doing the best we can. Rather than sit and watch our crops get destroyed by diseases that are unknown, get out there and take a sample to a research institution and assist be part of the solution. Let’s be proactive and make the agricultural industry a booming one.

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