New PSV speed governors to be used from March

January 3, 2014

, MATATUS-PARKINGNAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 3 – The National Transport and Safety Authority says the ongoing inspection of Commercial and Public Service Vehicles (PSV) will continue with the old speed governors until February 28, 2014.

The National Transport and Safety Authority Acting Director General Isaac Kamau says however an interim inspection certificate will be issued by the licensing Authority.

Kamau says vehicles issued with an interim inspection certificate have to be presented before March 31, 2014 to confirm that the correct speed governor has been fitted.

He says that no extra inspection free will be payable and the speed governors will incorporate a mechanism for recording the speed governors of the vehicles with the data retrievable by the motor vehicle inspector.

He also says that issuance of new and renewal of licenses will be issued on a temporary basis for the three months valid until March 31, 2014.

This comes as the public transport is set to see major reforms in 2014 following the regulations drafted in September 2013 by the Cabinet Secretary for Transport and Infrastructure Michael Kamau.

According to the regulations all Public Service Vehicles will be required to use an electronic payment system starting July 1, 2014.

Currently, Bebapay ran by Equity Bank and Google has been the dominant cashless payment method in public service vehicles in the year 2013.

M-Safari, also using Near Field Communication technology for payments has largely served daily commuters in Nairobi.

The regulations also mandate that only limited companies and savings and credit cooperatives will be allowed to operate in the sector.

Public transport entities will also be required to ensure that they have in place a fleet management system capable of recording speed and location of the vehicles at any one time; and that the data is accessible by the authority for a period of at least 30 days.

Cashless payments are likely to become more prevalent in Kenya in 2014 with the government already setting a deadline of April 1, 2014 when payment for all government services will be done on digital platforms.

This is likely to help the government account for its revenue by reducing corruption and misuse of funds.

With regards to night travel involving a distance of at least 50 kilometres, and defined as between 6pm and 6am; firms will be required to ensure no public service vehicle driver goes for a period longer than four hours per night shift without taking minimum break of at least four hours.

The night journey will also require at least two qualified drivers (registered by the authority for a specific route) to drive in turns.


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