Kiambu youths coached on economic empowerment

January 27, 2014


Kiambu youths coached on economic empowerment/FILE
Kiambu youths coached on economic empowerment/FILE
KIAMBU, Kenya, Jan 27 – The Ministry of Youth Affairs of Kiambu County has concluded a weeklong tour of the county, where it hosted youths in the area with a view of developing a public participation mechanism for them.

The ministry embarked on the county tour of all its 12 constituencies holding consultative forums on youth policies where various issues were raised, among them more youth engagement in all aspects of the county development.

While the youth said the forums were timely, they had some development issues to raise. The most pertinent issue that rose was the 30 percent procurement meant for the youth and the Uwezo fund.

The youth felt short-changed at the tendering process since it was proving very hard to be awarded the lucrative tenders promised by the Jubilee government.

However, the appointment of the Minister for Youth Affairs Machel Waikenda could turn things around for the Kiambu youths.

The minister who conducted the forums advised the youth on economic empowerment and showed them the many avenues available of accessing loans to start businesses.

“Let’s avoid being too reliant on our salaries and handouts. We are capable of investing in agri-business that will take us places,” said Waikenda.

Waikenda took the youths through the tendering process and advised them how to apply for the tenders. “When tendering, always indicate that you are a youth on the tender forms as the Jubilee government promised to give you priority,” he advised.

The forums hosted by the minister brought together at least over 300 youths from each constituency and will be held biannually.

“The youth forums are an opportunity for the youth of Kiambu County to meet the department of Youth Affairs and Sports, and to create discussions on the best way to ensure effective service delivery to the youth of Kiambu, “Waikenda said.


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