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Chris KeyRuby

50 years and what can I say? We have struggled and continue to struggle in many areas as a nation. However, this has not deterred our vision but it has given us an opportunity to make the next 50years the best yet.

I always tell my friends that good is the best enemy of best…let that be our foundation and use it to get to where we want to go.

We all have a role to play in making Kenya a greater nation and that is why I took this opportunity to share 50 of my quotes that will challenge and motivate you to do better not only for yourself in 2014 but also for the country in the years to come. I believe if we all did our best in our day to day activities then our country would be far ahead.

I do hope that these quotes will inspire you, so feel free to share them and let’s get working.

#1 I see the future of Kenya as bright as the sunny day… Hopefully we’ll make sure more and more jobs are created for the young Kenyans who deserve them and have a lot of energy to work. So everyone should ask themselves what their contribution is today to making Kenya a great nation.

#2 I always tell my business leaders and colleagues that if you give young people opportunity, they will ‘move’ like bushfire! This is the reason why I employ many young people in my businesses.

#3 If you want a better Kenya, get out there and do something about it. Arm yourself with responsibility to manage this nation.

#4 Let your word be your bond only then will you be able to create a brand; a product of value!

#5 Take care of life (your) and life will definitely take care of you.

#6 I don’t stand still. I am permanently looking at what else I can do for tomorrow.

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#7 I belong to the youth and have dedicated my time and life to serving them because that’s where the population is. Those are the guys of the today not the future; and they have energy and capability of changing Kenya from where it is to a new Kenya.

#8 I delight in being a part of someone else’s transformation that is why I will not tire getting up every morning and coming to work.

#9 Success for me is not enumerated in wealth. It means being able to accomplish the goals I have set out for myself.

#10 Every day I wake up and ask myself, what can I do to make my country the place of my dreams…that’s my motivation.

#11 Success is not a bed of roses. It requires a lot of hard work, sleeping hungry, lack of sleep because you have to keep thinking and worrying, waking up at night to do things and also being let down by your so-called friends.

#12 Everyone has a dream but not everyone has the courage, tenacity and persistence to see their dream through

#13 Poverty is itself a business. We must find how to feed the [poor] by using efficient methods to supply jobs, goods and services at affordable prices. If we focus on working where poverty levels are, we will improve our efficiency.”

#14 Someone once told me that poverty is not endemic or inescapable unless you allow it to be. Poverty is just a transitional period.

#15 This is not the time for Africa. It has always been Africa’s time but people were blind and never saw it.

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#16 We have so much time in Africa, we could export some, but we need to use this time to grow our economies and for once stop focusing on politics.

#17 I always tell people that a driver who gets into his car will still end up at a certain destination. The question is, was that the destination they desired?

#18 If you want to get somewhere, you must know how you are going to get there. People with a direction never get lost because they have a destination. But those with no direction cannot even get lost because they are going nowhere.

#19 If you do nothing, you will make no mistakes and no money. Get up and do something with your life.

#20 Quitting sometimes is a daily occurrence when you meet challenges that want to throw you off the course. But with inbuilt aggressiveness and commitment and trust in myself, I always believe I will find a way out of the predicament.

#21 I employ for attitude and train for skill. If you have a guy without the right attitude, their skill will not help you because they are irrelevant to your business.

#22 I support a lot of charities but I don’t shout it out or do it for glory…I believe being a Philanthropist comes from the heart and has nothing to do with publicity.

#23 The world goes round and things, dynamics and perspectives keep changing thus you have to learn to embrace change and also tread on new ground in order to make it and achieve your goals.

#24 Innovation is key to the success of my businesses. I am committed and permanently searching for new ways and ideas. There is no rest in this…Every day is a new dawn and I must prepare for it.

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#25 We need to motivate our teachers in order to pass on life skills to them lest the future generation becomes a generation of despondent and disgruntled people.

#26 When you see water flowing down the river, where it finds a rock, it only just deviates and passes round that rock and continues to flow. I believe you can learn a lot from the way the river flows.

#27 I’m a tireless leader when it comes to looking for quality and better achievements. I always believe there is a better way of doing things. Thus, I push my employees to always do more than what they say is their best.

#28 When I have a job in my company, I advertise. Why? Because I want to get a Kenyan who has the skills I am looking for. I interview them and pick the best out of the whole bunch. I don’t just pick any fellow because he is from my village, for tomorrow I will be gone and he will do nothing for me.

#29 If we cannot agree the fundamentals on appointing the right leaders then I have to go to church and pray because we will be a lost generation.

#30 Africa is in urgent need of real mentoring from experienced “fathers” and “statesmen”, and it’s time we rose up to that role.

#31 Success doesn’t come overnight. You succeed in one thing and fail in another. But when you fall down, you get up, dust yourself and move on. Don’t live in the world of failing, live in the world of I can do it and I can make it!

#32 For you to succeed in business at least 10% of your time must be spent actively pursuing your most cherished thoughts & goals.

#33 You cannot be a jack of all trades. Learn a company’s processes & come up with something that will help them. Be resourceful!

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#34 It is better to have information and not need it, than to require it and not know it.

#35 One of the most important lessons I have come to learn over the years is that you cannot do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow. You must keep learning new methods and ways of doing things to keep abreast with the world’s ever changing trends.

#36 When you settle on to do something, you must be committed to that move which should be in line with your vision. However, it may not be supported by everyone, but there should always be a consensus in the end by proving your point through results.

#37 There are only two things in decision making; you are either right or wrong, and better to be wrong than to make no decision.

#38 Some tough decisions come along with being bold enough to take steps which no one else is ready to take…Just make sure that every decision you make, makes business sense.

#39 My definition of the middle class are those who live beyond their means.

#40 If you think your business is a great one, then it should never run out of cash.

#41 Your financial wealth is defined by how and where you spend the little resources you have.

#42 Are you a spender or are you a generator of wealth? Don’t just sit and borrow money, let your money work for you. Look for various avenues to invest and grow your cash. Spend less, save more and accumulate wealth and money that you can freely spend in future.

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#43 I am not one who believes on getting rich but rather, generating wealth and building your asset base.

#44 One of the most important lessons that has made me be a better employer and businessman is pointing out people’s strengths. I have come to learn that the praise of others may be of use in teaching us, not what we are, but what we ought to be.

#45 If you understand an idea, you can express it so others can understand it. However, if you can’t explain it, you don’t really understand it; and you cannot invest in a business you don’t understand. So friends, do your research well and understand the idea or concept you want to execute before investing in it.

#46 To prosper soundly in business, you must satisfy not only your customers, but you must lay yourself out to satisfy also the men who make your product and the men who sell it ~ Harry Bassett So if you’re not doing too well in business, you should consider the above.

#47 Whatever opportunity you decide to take should be in line with your vision. When I look at the opportunities that come my way, I often ask myself, will it add value to a business or individual? If I cannot add value or contribute to some sort of growth then I will not take it.

#48 The goal is not to do business or create awareness with those who want to purchase what you have or need what you have, but rather those who are interested in what it is you do.

#49 Visualize your past victories while anticipating future victories. Planting seeds of positive expectancy in your mind is the best way to reap.

#50 One of the ways I believe you can find meaning of your life is by creating a strategy that you can use through your journey. You need to keep the purpose of your life, front and center as you decide how to spend your time, talents and energy. Remember that without a purpose, life can be hollow.

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