Kenya’s Neargram app finds stories of interest near you

November 15, 2013
Neargram is a new Kenyan web platform to allow users find stories of interest near them in form of pictures, videos and stories.
The lifestyle application allows people like travelers, tourists and adventurers to share and discover new places and people of interest nearby by integrating Social Streams from popular Social Media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and GooglePlus.
The users share stories, geo-located pictures and videos about their points of interest from their own social networks free of charge.Neargram was developed by John Karanja, the Founder of, a Mobile and Web social media platform with over 120,000 users.
Neargram resembles Storify, only that it does not curate web news but curates geo-mapped content from users social platforms making it possible for people to interact with friends in their environment in a more interesting and visual manner.
Karanja says is interesting because it helps users share or discover interesting stories happening around them based on topics  that are of interest to them. They can also interact with others who have visited these places. This helps users to make social connections with other people who share similar interests.
Like, which assists start-ups and businesses to scale their services by utilizing social media platforms Facebook and Twitter and SMS, Neargram is also expected to be of help to both the business community and individual users.

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