(Infographic) Kenya’s Sh1.8 Trillion Debt: Sustainable or not?

October 7, 2013

, Kenya’s public debt stands at Ksh 1,894,500,000,000 spread in bilateral, multilateral and domestic loans. This is slightly over 46 percent of the nominal Gross Domestic Public. Public debt in Kenya has been growing each year as the government seeks to finance economic growth. Even as the government faces East for more funding, the need to analyze our current debt situation, its implications and sustainability is imperative. This infographic has been created by the Institute of Economic Affairs as a resource and as a way to spur public discussion about the national debt.

Kenyas debt burden infographic

This infographic has been nominated as one of the two visualizations in Africa in a competition organised by OnThinTanks in partnership with Open Society Foundation’s Thin Tank Fund. Vote here:

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