Strides in Kenya’s paint making industry

July 8, 2013


A tin of ready to use paint/MIKE KARIUKI
A tin of ready to use paint/MIKE KARIUKI
NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 8 – What comes to mind when you hear the word paint? … You’ll probably glance at the wall next to you; Peter Marangi of Duracoat fame might come to mind or that girl in your office whose make-up reminds you of war paint.

Paint making dates back to time immemorial. Throughout history, humans have had the desire to decorate their living space. It could have been whitewashing – that inexpensive coating that historically has been used to decorate, protect and sanitize walls- or closer to home the coating of mud huts with a mixture of ash and cow dung.

We could delve into paints storied past but today we focus on state of the art production of paint right here in Kenya.

Basco Products Ltd, more popularly known as Basco Paints is a leading paint manufacturer with a wealth of experience of over 35 years based in Nairobi.

“From humble beginnings in 1976, this family-owned enterprise continues to set higher performance standards in the industry; winning accolades as a respectable name in the manufacturing and distribution of quality paints in Kenya,” says Internal Auditor Mehul Shah.

“In 2010, Basco paints realised a gap in expertise in the usage and application of paint and they set up the Duracoat Expert Training Centre which offers an intensive course taught to individuals who are interested in becoming experts,” says Research and Development Head Santosh Pawar.

“For instance, the Automatic Computerised Tinting system has revolutionalised the way paint is bought and sold in the regional market.”

The students range from individuals who have not painted before, painters, freelancers, high school leavers, artists, sign writers, interior designers and even architects.

“Only students with a pass mark of 65 percent are awarded with certificates,” adds Pawar.


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