NBK to renew driving licences in Eastern, NEP

October 17, 2012

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 17 – The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and National Bank have extended the decentralisation of driving licence renewals to Eastern and North Eastern provinces in a bid to enhance road safety and boost revenue.

KRA Senior Assistant Commissioner Joseph Njuguna said many motorists in the region who acquired driving licences were not keen on renewing them at KRA offices, mainly because of the long distance.

“We know the parallel sale of fake licences has been there due to lack of access. The main reason has been KRA offices being far,” he pointed out.

“The Embu office has been serving the entire Eastern and North Eastern provinces which is almost half the size of the country. Now you can have your licence replaced as you wait,” he added.

Speaking during the official launch of the programme at the Embu NBK offices, Njuguna said people who surrendered fake licences would not be prosecuted but would undergo a test.

Njuguna said drivers will soon start paying for renewal of licences through mobile phone money transfer services and include other commercial banks to boost access.

Area Traffic Enforcement Officer Joseph Kimeli welcomed the gesture saying his department would embark on a major crackdown aimed at weeding out drivers with fake documents.

“There is no reason for anyone to hold fake licence since the service is near. Drivers should take advantage of the grace period issued by KRA and pay for a new one. We will prosecute anyone with such documents,” he said.

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