China ‘deeply regrets’ EU solar panel probe

September 6, 2012
Solar panels on display/FILE

, Beijing, Sept 6 – China said Thursday it “deeply regrets” a European Union decision to probe claims solar panel products were being sold by Chinese firms below cost and warned of problems potential penalties may cause.

EU ProSun, a group of more than 20 European solar panel makers, in July called on the European Commission to impose tariffs to punish its Chinese rivals who it suspects received Beijing’s subsidies and “dumped” goods.

The European Union said Thursday it has decided to start an anti-dumping investigation after evidence provided by EU ProSun showed the Chinese products have had “substantial adverse effects on the financial situation of the Union industry”.

The EU, in its Official Journal, said that if the investigation finds Chinese makers were dumping and caused injury to the EU solar industry, it will decide whether penalties should be imposed.

China’s Ministry of Commerce quickly issued a statement saying: “The European Commission went ahead to initiate the anti-dumping investigation despite repeated calls by China to solve the trade dispute on photovoltaic products via consultations and cooperation.

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