Flytxt clinches deals in Uganda, Congo

August 30, 2012
Group CEO of Flytxt Vinod Vasudevan said they are excited to partner with Warid as they are one of the most innovative mobile operators in Africa

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 30 – Flytxt, the provider of global real-time closed loop mobile marketing solutions, has announced that it has won twin deals in Africa with Warid Uganda and Warid Congo B, to provide its campaign management solution to the telecommunication firms.

The technology leader in closed loop mobile marketing and real-time campaign management said that its platform has gone live on both the operator networks soon after the closure of the deal.

With its integrated reward, churn, intent and offer management functionality, Flytxt marketing suite enables a highly efficient closed loop marketing process and Chief Commercial Officer at Warid Uganda Shailendra Naidu said that today’s prepaid markets are dynamically changing and require not just real-time insights about mobile subscribers, but also the ability to communicate with them in an interactive and personalized fashion.

Flytxt’s technology brings out subscriber insights based on past service consumption patterns and enables cellular service providers to highly customize service offerings, while communicating to them in a timely manner.

In addition to its technology, Flytxt brings its decade long mobile marketing and campaign management expertise with its Marketing Excellence Center.

Flytxt’s marketing consultants bring the expertise of working with some of the largest mobile operators in emerging markets and Flytxt’s consultants have a proven expertise in streamlining marketing processes across these operators, which has led to substantial incremental revenue.

Chief Marketing Officer at Warid Congo B Imossio Begoume said they have partnered with Flytxt as part of Warid’s innovations aimed at providing personalized offers and services to its subscribers as part of its ground-breaking approach to mobile marketing technology and services space.

“Warid is a pioneering mobile operator in the market with innovations directed at creating newer and richer experiences for the people of Congo in the Telecom domain,” he explained.

Group CEO of Flytxt Vinod Vasudevan said they are excited to partner with Warid as they are one of the most innovative mobile operators in Africa committed to creating value for its subscribers.

“Flytxt has proven itself in Telco ecosystem as a leading player in enabling the most matured technology and marketing practices to generate incremental revenue for operators across emerging markets,” he said.

“We look forward to working with the most forward thinking operators in Africa, Warid Congo B and Warid Uganda, to enable personalized offer communications and improved experience for its mobile subscriber base,” he added.

Flytxt offers its services while completely and strictly enforcing the communication policies that substantially enhance the subscriber’s experience on the operator’s network.

The company offers its solutions to several leading operators across South Asia and Africa with a combined subscriber base of over 250 million. The company has run over 50,000 highly successful campaigns across these continents over the past 12 months.

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