Airbus launches improved version of long-haul A330 jets

July 9, 2012

, United Kingdom, Jul 9 – European planemaker Airbus on Monday announced improved versions of its long-haul A330 series of passenger jets, allowing for longer journeys between major world cities.

Airbus, making the announcement at the start of the Farnborough airshow near London, said the change would lead to a five metric tonne increase in the plane payload and offer greater fuel efficiency.

“Airbus has decided to offer a further enhanced version of the popular A330 airliner by increasing the maximum takeoff weight capability to 240 metric tonnes.

“This 240 tonne capability will be first applied to the larger A330-300 model and subsequently to the A330-200 and A330-200F,” the group added.

Airbus said the new models would bring “increased fuel efficiency thanks to aerodynamic refinements and engine enhancements.”

Entry into service of the 240-tonne A330-300 was set for mid-2015.

“In practical terms 240-tonne capability significantly extends the market coverage of the A330 family.

“For example, this newest A330-300 will now be able to connect to the following new city pairs: London to Tokyo; Frankfurt to Cape Town; Beijing to Melbourne; Beijing to San Francisco; Kuala Lumpur to Paris; and Los Angeles to Dublin,” Airbus added in a statement.

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