Over 1,000 take up AMREF Maisha cover

March 29, 2012


Three people have benefited from the cover since January/MIKE KARIUKI
NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 29 – The African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) on Thursday announced that over one thousand people had applied for the AMREF Maisha scheme medical cover.
AMREF Flying Doctors Chief Executive and Medical Director Dr Bettina Vadora said since its launch in January this year, three people have benefited from the cover as she urged more Kenyans to apply and access immediate evacuation.

“Whoever is able to give a phone call to us to tell us there is an emergency, without any delay we get our balls rolling; we will be on our way to rescue our members,” she asserted.

Vadora expressed concerns over accidents in Kenya particularly road accidents where many people die due to lack of immediate medical attention as she urged Kenyans to utilise the opportunity provided through the Maisha cover.

“Top on our list is always road traffic accidents in this country, there have been accidents also in our flights, you never know when it’s your time,” she noted.

Businessman Chris Kirubi who received the Maisha platinum card from AMREF also urged Kenyans to apply for the cover to help them get help in case of accidents.

He also asked the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) to organise for such covers to help people especially during road accidents.

“I am seeing a lot of benefits being passed to Kenyans especially now that corporate companies have to pay a lot of money to NHIF, it is to be taken serious by Kenyans, these kind of facilities they must make them available to Kenyans in general,” he appealed.

He said the comfort of traveling knowing that one can be rescued in case of unforeseen eventualities is important in securing ones’ health.
Through Maisha scheme, AMREF Flying Doctors can now give people direct access to their air ambulance services that includes two evacuation flights per year as well as two ground ambulance transfers within Kenya annually, among other offers.
The Maisha scheme is offered in four different plans ranging from a bronze level starting at Sh2, 500 for an individual to the platinum level at Sh9, 000.
AMREF was started 55 years ago in Kenya under the name East African Flying Doctors covering the East African Community and now has extended its presence to Ethiopia, Zanzibar, Southern Sudan and South Africa.

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