Illegal gas fillers put on notice

March 21, 2012


ERC Director General Eng Kaburu Mwirichia/FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 21- The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) says it has stepped up the surveillance of storage and filling facilities of Liquefied Petroleum Gas across the country.

ERC Director General Eng Kaburu Mwirichia said on Wednesday that this was after they discovered that there are people illegally operating such facilities thus risking the safety of their customers.

“The commission will ensure that perpetrators of such vices are dealt with according to the law,” the DG warned.

“LPG facilities should only fill cylinders with written authority from the cylinder brand owners,” he further stated.

Those operating such facilities without a license, are liable to a Sh1millon fine or a jail term of up to one year.

In addition, customers were advised against buying LPG from such unlicensed dealers.

“Consumers and retailers refilling from such facilities will have their cylinders and other equipment confiscated and prosecuted as co-perpetrators,” he added.

Mwirichia further said that any person intending to construct filling facilities needs to apply for a construction permit from the ERC before any works can commence.

“And after construction, such a facility requires an operation license from the ERC who will ensure that the facilities meet the necessary safety and other statutory requirements before issuing such a license,” ERC pointed out.

He spoke after the Commission conducted a joint raid with the police in several outlets in Nairobi’s Industrial Area where they confiscated over 150 assorted LPG cylinders of various brands from illegal depots and vehicles used to ferry them.

This followed a tip-off from the members of the public whom he advised to continue to provide such crucial information.

A similar swoop was carried out in Eldoret last week where cylinders were also confiscated and the operator arraigned in court on Friday.

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