Unilever invests Sh105m to boost production

December 14, 2011


The new investment is expected to increase Royco's production volume by 43pc/FILE
NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 14 – Unilever Kenya says it has invested 105 million shillings in ‘physical expansion of capacity’ this year alone, for its savoury category.

Unilever East and Southern Africa’s Managing Director, Yaw Nsarkoh said the investment was triggered by a shift in consumer preferences and will enable them to capture a bigger market share.

“We will continue to play the role ofbeing an innovator as Kenyans gather more knowledge on food products. We would also like to evolve our products along with that so we continue to stay relevant and hopefully have an iconic brand in Royco,” Nsarkoh said.

The new investment is expected to increase Royco’s production volume by 43% in order to cater for the high demand for Royco. This is also expected to increase the product’s market share up from the current 85%. this is inline with the companies viosin for doubling volume by 2015.

Nsarkoh who was speaking during the re- launch of Royco, added that the company has experienced a record growth and turnover, despite the high inflation and volatile exchange rates.

“Currenices have been going down, intrest rates have been going up, and the purchasing powerof the consumer has been knocked. We do however have a portfolio, that is relevant in terms of those who have the highest and lowest income earners,” he affirmed.

He further said the company will look to expand its operations into South Sudan next year.

The new repackaged Royco is a blend of 16 natural ingredients. The spices are grown locally by small scale farmers from Rift- Valley province.

“As we increase our investments in the food brands, we strongly believe we can achieve business growth,” he further stated.

Unilever intends to undertake a nationwide promotion of Royco to inform Kenyans on the ingredients of Royco and the benefits of spices in their meals, both contemporary and traditional.

Royco was first launched in the country in 1978.

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