Telkom unveils the Flybox

October 13, 2011

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 13 – Telkom Kenya has revealed that data contributes between 10 and 15 of its annual revenue stream.

Telkom Kenya Chief Executive Officer Mickael Ghossein attributed this to having the largest market share among cooperates. Telkom had invested Sh5.3 billion to develop its 3G network which was rolled out in August.

“The market share depends on which area you are looking at. You have the mobile, computers etc. If you take the mobile sector, we are either two or three. If you take the numbers globally which is basically cooperates only- we are number one,” Ghossein said.

He was speaking on Thursday morning while unveiling the company’s latest internet cost effective Flybox which is targeted at small enterprises and households.

“The Flybox will offer customers an unmatched combination of value for money and convenience, through an internet access solution that enables customers to share one connection without necessarily having to use cables,” he stated.

The Flybox is fitted with an Orange 3G+ SIM card and optional ethernet cables that can be used to connect to computers that are not Wi-Fi enabled. Users with laptops and tablet computers will however be able to access the internet through wireless connections.

The portable, plug-and-play solution will allow both pre and post paid customers to access speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps over the internet, and at the same time give them an option of connecting the device to a fixed telephone for voice.

“In one package, customers will have one solution that effectively meets all the telecommunication needs for an office- as a dual play product. It goes to assert our position as the only integrated telecommunications services provider in Kenya,” Ghossein asserted.

The product which will retail, in packages, from Sh7,599 to Sh20,599 depending on the equipment and data bundles consumers find suitable towards their needs.

The firm’s 3G network is currently available in Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa.

The company acquired the 3G license, for Sh104 million in November 2010, after the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) had reduced its original price of $25 million.

With 900 3G sites spread across the country, Telkom Kenya expects to increase the number to 1,500 within the year as demand for data services increases in the country.

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