KRA issues new prefix for tractors, tuk-tuks

October 17, 2011

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 17 – The Kenya Revenue Authority has revised its number-plate system to streamline vehicle registration owing to an increased demand for three-wheeled vehicles as well as tractors.

Demand for this category has seen the serialisation of number plates moving too fast, making it hard for motor vehicle dealers to move old stock as the market is keen on new number plates.

KRA Commissioner General Michael Waweru said on Monday the separation of vehicle categories into different registration numbers would facilitate the authority in its duties as well as reduce cases of duplication that has been the case.

“As a result the rate at which KRA changes number plates from one series to another has grown tremendously more so now that motorcycles and tri-cycles are replacing the more popular bicycles, Mr Waweru said.

Since 2004, vehicle registration has more than tripled from 30,000 annually to over 100,000 as importation of motorcycles and tractors has continued to increase.

Waweru said motorists were also increasing preferring to go for newer registration numbers.

“These days you will find a vehicle with lower mileage reading but with an old registration number attracting fewer buyers than a vehicle with more mileage but with a recent registration number,” he said.

Motorcycles have already been issued with KMCA. With the new registry, three wheelers will have KTWA plates, heavy machinery vehicles KHMA while tractors will be issued with KTCA plates.

The new registration is intended to slow down the rate at which vehicle registration numbers were changing. The fast pace of registration had seen tractors in good condition but with old plates fetch low prices.

Waweru said this would also curb fraud and double registration of vehicles.

KRA is also in the process of introducing a new registration system for forklifts to ease the registration process.

He was speaking during the launch of the KRA Taxpayers week, where the authority introduced a Mobile Taxpayer Services Unit bus, which will boost its efficiency in offering services.

The mobile unit will be able to provide services such as PIN certificate issuance, processing, VAT applications, renewal of driving licenses as well as registration of turnover taxpayers.


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