Nuclear plans still in nascent stages

September 9, 2011

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 9 – The Ministry of Energy says plans to set up a nuclear plant in the country to help increase power supply are still in the preliminary stages.

Energy Minister Kiraitu Murungi said a committee had been set up and will look into its feasibility especially after the Japan Tsunami which hit a nuclear plant causing a leak.

“We are trying to look at accelerating power generation in the country, and nuclear was an option. It is still in preliminary stages. The nuclear project committee that was set up under my ministry is set to visit Japan and other nuclear plants to assure us that it is still a viable option for us,” Mr Murungi said.

He added the country will need further technical support to help implement carbon credit emissions programs.

“Some of the problems we have been having in implementing this project will be resolved and we’ll be able to move faster. We’d like to invite the British investors to come and move with us as we move this country to a new place with a new Constitution at hand,” he affirmed.

Mr Murungi was speaking during an investment meeting with the Right Honourable Michael Alderman Bear, who is the Lord Mayor of the City of London who had brought a delegation to look at energy investments in the country.

He further stated the Energy Ministry was closely working with the Office of the Prime Minister to distribute solar lanterns to help in the eradication of kerosene lamps, which in turn will help alleviate shack fires that occur in slum areas which are usually attributed to kerosene lamps left unattended.

The Energy Minister went onto say the further privatisation of local electricity supplier, KenGen was being hampered by some committees within the National Assembly.

“Parliament believed that the floating of further stock would not have generated sufficient funds.”

Lord Mayor Bear said his delegation had explored areas of Nyanza and had found that a biomass plant could be built and will use the recurring Hyacinth that is choking Lake Victoria.

He further said wind farms are a possibility for the lake side city.

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