No reprieve at the pump for motorists

September 14, 2011

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 14 –  Motorists in Kenya will have to wait another month to get reprieve at the pumps after the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) announced a 53 cents rise per litre of super petrol. 

In new prices released on Wednesday, a litre of super petrol was capped to retail at Sh117.75 in Nairobi; Sh115.01 in Mombasa while in Kisumu, drivers will pay Sh119.09. 

The ERC blamed the upward adjustment on a marginal rise in the international prices and a weak shilling. 

“The international prices of crude oil and refined petroleum products have remained erratic. In addition, the volatile performance of key economies in the world has had a negative effect on the trend in the local currency relative to the US dollar which had impacted negatively on the local pump prices,” explained Director General Eng Kaburu Mwirichia in a statement.

However, a minor decrease was recorded in the prices of diesel and kerosene which came down by 80 cents and 67 cents respectively.

This means that a litre of diesel will now retail at no more than Sh108.17 while kerosene will be sold at Sh88.29.

According to the regulator, the new prices reflect a dip in the international prices for kerosene coupled with the reduced profit margin on the commodity to four shillings.

The prices will be in place from Wednesday midnight to October 15.

Meanwhile, the Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) has said it expects there to be no fuel shortage as all their depots have been re-opened following the Monday tragedy in Sinai slum. 

KPC Managing Director Selest Kilinda said he had held a meeting with oil marketer’s on Tuesday where normal supply of petroleum products was discussed. 

“I have sent a letter to the Ministry of Energy to clear all the depots to resume normal operations.

We have more than 19 million litres in KPC’s system in Nairobi,” he affirmed.

Kilinda explained that the pipe that leaked resulting in Monday’s fire in Sinai was accidental. 

“The leakage happened outside the storage tank system. It was on the Mombasa- Nairobi pipeline. The pipeline is not covered by bundles, which is the entry point into the tank farm. A situation like that is never anticipated to leak,” said Kilinda.

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