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Firm provides customer care solutions

NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 14 – From private companies’ to public institutions, customer care is one of the most invaluable determinants of the success of any organisation.

Unfortunately, poor customer relations are killing many businesses by sending away clients and prospective ones who are the backbone of any firm.

That is why a new communications institution focusing on improving customer care relations has launched a campaign to help institutions address the anomaly which is threatening their lifeline.

“How you handle customers will determine if they can come back, tell others about you or sell your products and services and this is not limited to public companies. Private companies need good customer relations too because that is the only way to maintain your customers and get even more,” explains Jessica Gakinya, a Customer relations expert.

Ms Gakinya adds that studies have revealed a huge vacuum customer care training which has led to the poor results.

She says that unless companies train their staff regularly, they risk losing customers.

Ms Gakinya is the Director of Novanee Communications, a company specialising in Customer Care relations training to transform the attitude of staff in companies offering services and products.

The company aims to provide provide various consultancy services, in Kenya and the larger Eastern Africa, that specialize in customer service training, project management and public relations.

“I have been a victim in many offices and I keep hearing even my friends complain of the poor response they get in companies. The most affected are institutions like the police and other public institutions which deal with the public on a regular basis,” She says.

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Customer care training according to Ms Gakinya should be a continuous process because of the dynamic markets.

”Unmatched customer service has become one of the most celebrated differentiation strategies in the modern business environment,” she adds.

She says through unrivalled customer service, a company is able to identify its customer needs and meet those needs in a consistently better way compared to their competitors.

And to achieve this, businesses must be prepared to invest in quality customer service training to equip their staffs with the right skills, motivation and attitude change that define quality sustainability of businesses, she says.

”The modern customer understands their rights and their expectations are growing by day,” Ms Gakinya says.

“Businesses must know that their customers have options of getting the same products or services from their competitors,” the company’s Managing Director Beth Maina says.


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