Businesses urged to promote Africa growth

July 26, 2011

, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 26 – As Africa continues to be a new frontier for growth many foreign firms, the business community has been challenged to promote the continent as an attractive investment destination.

KPMG East Africa Chief Executive Officer Josphat Mwaura said Africa has positioned itself as the new place for businesses to make investments and make a good return from them; professional firms should also play their part as sell the continent.

“It is up to those of us who are running businesses in the continent to promote what I’d like to call ‘Brand Africa’,” Mr Mwaura proposed.

However such a brand, he said, would require that firms offer world class goods and services that would help paint the continent in good light.

“It requires us to have efficient, innovative and responsive systems and processes and provided clients an experience that they will celebrate for the rest of their life and above all, it requires us to have very good returns for our shareholders,” the CEO emphasised.

Speaking when KPMG hosted a dinner for their clients, Mr Mwaura assured that that their firm has the capability to provide insightful information that can be used by their clients to make informed decisions when investing in the continent.

KPMG Africa Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Moses Kgosana echoed his views adding that their motivation is to ensure that their customers to achieve their full potential.

“Africa is a complex continent but as KPMG we recognise this fact and that is why our brand promise is that we cut through complexity to deliver clear solution to our client,” Mr Kgosana emphasised.

Do this, the firm that offers audit, advisory and tax services hopes to bank on its over 100 years of experience. Combined with their skilled workforce, the firm hopes to remain competitive in addressing industry-specific issues and exploiting opportunities.

And to take advantage of the high growth that has been witnessed in key sectors such as telecommunications and financial services, KPMG has invested in platforms that enable them to service the clients in these areas.

“In Africa, we have the strongest telecommunication practice centre of excellence. We have also invested in strong financial services advisory, audit and tax capabilities to service them,” the chairman boasted.


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