Disaster hit Japan urges against panic buying

March 15, 2011

, TOKYO, Mar 15 – Japan\’s government on Tuesday urged people against panic-buying of food and supplies, as the country grapples with a massive natural disaster and resulting nuclear crisis.

Daily necessities are in desperately short supply in the northeastern region worst-hit by Friday\’s earthquake and tsunami.

But many store shelves are also half-empty in Tokyo convenience stores and supermarkets as people stock up, fearful of a possible disaster at a stricken nuclear power plant on the eastern coast.

Consumer affairs minister Renho, who uses only one name, warned that if people put pressure on the supply of basic goods, "quake-hit areas could be unable to receive relief supplies", Kyodo News agency reported.

Speaking at a press conference, she added that "we will have to keep a close watch on price trends".


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