Jobs involved at Apple despite medical leave

February 11, 2011

, WASHINGTON, Feb 11, 2011 – Apple chief Steve Jobs, three weeks into an indefinite medical leave of absence, has remained involved in the company\’s strategy and product development, the Wall Street Journal said Friday.

Jobs has been staying closely attuned to the company\’s day-to-day workings, said the Journal, citing people close to situation, with the 55-year-old chief executive taking meetings at home, keeping in contact by phone and even visiting Apple\’s campus in Cupertino, California.

Last month Jobs announced he was to step aside, his third medical leave since 2004, but did not say how long he expected to be away or provide any details about his latest health issues.

He underwent an operation for pancreatic cancer in 2004 and received a liver transplant in early 2009. He has appeared gaunt but relatively healthy at recent Apple public events.

He turned over the helm to chief operating officer Timothy Cook on January 17, but kept his chief executive title and said at the time he would still participate in "major strategic decisions" at Apple.

Among the products in the works are the new version of the iPad tablet computer, due in the coming months, and a new iPhone later this year.

Apple\’s fortunes have been uniquely linked to Jobs, who returned to the then flagging company in 1997 after a 12-year absence and introduced innovative and wildly successful products like the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Apple has sold approximately 14.79 million iPads since the tablet hit the market last April, according to a tally of figures made public in earnings releases.

Last month the company reported a record quarterly net profit of $6 billion as revenue soared to an unprecedented $26.74 billion during the year-end holiday shopping season.


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