Trade conference to boost US ties

January 7, 2011

, NAIROBI, Ken Jan 7- Kenya is set to host a regional trade conference, which will seek to strengthen the US-East Africa commercial interests, and offer US delegates an opportunity to develop an appreciation of the regional common market.

The trade conference set for May 10 to 11 will also create an opportunity for US investors, businessmen and policymakers to interact with East Africa’s business, corporate and political leadership.

Conference spokesperson Kizito Mokua said the US delegation would engage with C-level executives of US multinationals operating from East Africa in a move to appreciate the growing consumer market and open doors for East African entrepreneurs and investors with a strong appetite for the US market.

“The US delegation will participate in the East Africa/US Trade Conference so as to get  first hand market intelligence on East Africa’s prospects from experts and key players by participating in structured open discussions with East African’s public and private sectors leadership,’’ Mr Mokua said.

Since the enforcement of the East African Common Market Protocol, there has been renewed interest in the region with investors seeking to tap into the expanded market.

“The emergence of the 126-million East African Common Market and overwhelming  interest by Asian actors has made the region an indispensable proposition for US global players,’’ he said.

Delegates will be drawn from Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Southern Sudan and Ethiopia who will engage with US multinationals to outline possible areas of engagement.

He said the region offers immense economic opportunities for investors with the conference providing an opportunity to deepen economic engagement.

“The conference will be useful in creating and develop partnerships with key players in the US market alongside understanding  the US  consumers to assist in market penetration so as to structure US/East Africa deals.’’

The conference will mainly focus on commercial agriculture, infrastructure, and technology development among other key sectoral areas.


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